Above you will find per region a list of the main places of historical or natural interest that can be visited in or from six cities in Turkmenistan that are served by air, road and train connections and that offer a respectable choice of accommodation and dining options: Ashgabat (Ahal Region), Balkanabad and Turkmenbashi/Awaza (Balkan Region), Dashoguz (Dashoguz Region), Turkmenabad (Lebap Region) and Mary (Mary Region). 

For more comprehensive information about other places of interest, other overnight options, various transport options and their respective distances/travel times, please contact us directly.

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Darwaza Akchagsyan Ibragim Edhem Kunya Urgench Dashoguz Yzmukshir Islamut Ata Shahsenem Turkmenbashi Astana Baba Atamyrat Dinosaur Plateau Umbar Dere Koyten Kyrk Gyz Kainar Baba Gonur Depe Merw Mary Talkhatan Baba Soltanbent Yekedeshik Serhabat Serakhs Meane Baba Ulug Depe Kaahka Abiverd Anau Ashgabat Nissa Geok Depe Kowata Nohur Bokurdok Yerbent Magtymguly Serdar Parau Bibi Dehistan Balkanabad Ygdykala Gozli Ata Yangikala Yangisuw Turkmenbashi Awaza

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