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Welcome to the renewed website of Owadan Tourism. We are one of the oldest and largest agencies in existence in Turkmenistan: since 1996 we have been working continuously to improve, expand and innovate our services and make travel to Turkmenistan accessible for travelers with diverse interests, comfort requirements, time and budget limitations. In low season periods, our team travels through Turkmenistan in search of new exciting destinations, as well as stay on top of new developments in well-traveled parts of our country.

Our services are aimed at giving you the unique travel experience that you are looking for on your journey through Turkmenistan, ranging from short 3-day classical cultural tours to 15-day active and adventure journeys. You can opt for our fixed service package on one of our fixed departure tours, or compose a tailor-made program with the support of our team, that fits your particular interests.

Owadan Tourism is a licensed travel agency, able to facilitate tourist visa support (including your Letter of Invitation and registration on arrival), overland transport by car or jeep, domestic airline and train ticket bookings, hotel room reservations and camping arrangements, and guided tours or local excursions.

Selected services are also available for business travelers (MICE), for those travelers passing through Turkmenistan on a transit visa, for travelers on overland expeditions, and for the expatriate community in Turkmenistan, seeking authentic day trips or short breaks. Please feel free to contact us for personalized advice and travel proposals.

We ensure that our advice to you is as accurate and realistic as possible. We'll be proud to have you as our guest!

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Scheduled departures for a selection of well-priced private or join-in tours with a special event focus, or a special activity focus.

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A selection of samples of tour programs for travelers with various interests, comfort requirements, time or budget limitations, to be booked at your own preferred travel dates.

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The national capital of Turkmenistan is flanked by the Kopetdag Mountains in the south and the Karakum Desert in the north.

Ahal region

Ashgabat is located in Ahal region, as well as the Kopetdag Mountains and the southern parts of the Karakum Desert.

Balkan region

Where the Kopetdag Mountains end, they flow into the lowlands, where medieval caravans traversed on their way from the Khorezmian cities in the north to Persian lands further south.

Dashoguz region

The northernmost region of Turkmenistan with its fertile riverine oases, has been populated since ancient times.

Lebap region

Bordering Dashoguz Region on the east, Lebap Region hosts the Amu Darya River’s flow through Turkmenistan and sees the start point of the 1500-kilometer long Karakum Canal.

Mary region

The southernmost region of Mary, with its fertile Murgab riverine oases, has attracted people since ancient times.

What our customers said

Enjoyed our trip in Turkmenistan very much. Our guide Dimitri went above and beyond to give us the best experience , even adding stops to our itinerary that weren't included , to ensure we saw everything

Turkmenistan is a elegant country. Everyone smiles to us and talk to us. We feel warm in this country. Scenery is really beautifull. We all enjoy at gate of hell . The tent hotel is unique. By the way the BBQ dinner was delicious. Owadan tourism company is proffesional. Hope you, good luck!!!!

We were happy will our trip to Turkmenistan, guide were helpful, funny and gave us a great experience in this beautiful country Darwaza, Ashgabat and Yangkalla were our hightligts , not to miss !

I was very pleaed with my holiday here. Everyone wa pleasant and helpful. I very much enjoyed talking and learning from my guide, Gozel. She was the best anyone could hope for!

We would like to thank you for organizing our trip through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
It is, as you have already indicated, become a truly beautiful journey. The culture, the museums, the cities are very special to go to, but certainly the meeting with all the people in these two countries has been a great experience. We can say that we enjoyed enormously from the moment of departure to the moment of return. This has been possible thanks to your commitment and perfect organization. Everything taken care of, the info, the transportation, the hotels in these two countries, the excellent and special guides, it was all seamlessly coordinated. We are therefore looking back with a warm feeling on those two weeks and this feeling will definitely continue to pursue. Thank you very much.

We had a great trip. Good hotels, great care. Cars were always there, perfectly taken care of. Thanks for the organization.

Just a few lines to say thank you for a great visit to Ashgabat and surroundings. We had a fantastic visit, both in the city, in Nissa, and at the crater at Darwaza. We would like to express our compliments to your company and to your excellent people – Jabbar and our driver.

Unterkünfte, Mahlzeiten, Transport – das alles war sehr gut. Lena ist eine ausgezeichnete Reiseführerin. Das schönste an die Reise war, dass wir nicht nur Sehenswürdigkeiten gesehen haben, sondern auch viel über das Land und die Menschen erfahren haben.

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